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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 11, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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love, love, love finish! over a million people have switched to finish. visit us on facebook. we have coverage of a fire that broke out earlier this morning at a commercial building in east oakland. we're live on the scene. >> contra costa county's sins of supervisors will vote today on the future of four fire stations, a live report is coming up. >> we're watching the talks to train the white house and the gop as the fiscal cliff is looming just 21 days away. >> of weather and traffic may be on your mind this morning so let's check in with erica. >> today's forecast is not as good as yesterday's.
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increasing fog and clouds cover this afternoon and it looks like rain is on the horizon. out the door temperatures are in the first 30's and 40's. we will only warm things up into the upper 50s low 60s. those of the cooler conditions and rain as on the way. current conditions 37 for a delay of 38% for rosa 44 for hayward 45 for redwood city. dallas they were the numbers are expected to go the afternoon and have a full look at future cast four coming up in my next report. >> more cars on the road now that we are in the 6:00 hour. give yourself extra time if you're planning on heading into san francisco. traffic is busy at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you fasttrack you will save some time because the cash lanes are quickly backing up. no problems on the bridge and nothing to slow you down. just regular commute traffic heading into san francisco. you can hop on the salmon
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sale bridge that may save a little time. a quick look at your ride from 2 to 18. draglines that out is blocking traffic part way. as you merge 580 west with 2 05, give yourself extra time. 44 men's drive time. full traffic coming up in just a bit. >> a developing story out of hayward where there's been a fire at an apartment building near dixon st and vale this ave this morning. we are live on the scene with jackie sissel who has the very latest on the investigation. >> the flames are out at this point. investigators from the hayward fire department are going back inside of the is burned out apartment unit relatively stone to start their investigation. they said the fire at flea started around 4:00 a.m., that is when they
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got the call. they add to this multi unit apartment complex and found one unit completely engulfed. this is a two-story apartment complex and the unit was burning on both the upper and lower floors. they were sold at 2 people were inside, a mother and son. they were not able to evacuate without any injuries. the firefighters put out the flames relatively quickly and they put them out before they spread to other units in the complex. hopewell we're being told of the in the next doors of the one that was be that was completely burned there were four people inside that had to be evacuated. they're calling this potentially melissa's fire. -- malicious fire all and all we're talking six people that had to be evacuated. no injuries but
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fire investigators are on the scene. i will probably be out here for most of the morning darya >> thank you jackie and the contra costa county's supervisors will be deciding today what to do with four fire stations that are slated for closure next month. will tran is standing by live from the fire bart station and are seen as. this is one of the ones that will be shut down possibly? >> yes this is station no. 12. they left the rise of a desolate we did show the fire fighters and what they're doing. nine work out of fear and barring a miracle they may have to be transferred to another station based on seniority they may be out of the job because they're talking about not disclosing this one but lafayette clayton and walnut creek. here is what is at stake at 9:00 this morning. they're
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thinking about closing the stations because of call volume. these stations and i get as many calls as the other ones. they think this staging can be closed because there other nearby stations that can pick up votes. also they're talking about call volume and staggered times. they're hoping not to close them all of the same time. maybe staggered throughout the next year that is something that has to be discussed. i was talking of one of the firefighters and he said because they've rejected measure to which is basically adding $80 to their property taxes each year because they rejected that if you go through this you may save the $80 by year on insurance policy might go up. they're hoping to say that income as the supervisors to find another plan. you will pay for the
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mentally down the road. >> watch l.a. is in washington with another negotiation with the white house and house speaker john banner and the fiscal cliff in a this side seems willing to bend. the president insisting that the expiring tax cuts be renewed for all but the wealthiest americans. the republicans insisting they're deeper cuts in entitlement programs like medicare. neither side has given the very many specifics of what they plan to cut. a likely compromise would include tax increases on the top tax bracket from 35 to 37%. and cigna because the medicare and the debt ceiling is also looming in these talks. the treasury saying the u.s. is likely to hit its 16 part 4 trillion dollar debt limit by the end the year. the treasury could use of credit measures that would stave off any u.s. debt default until mid february. a lot to deal with
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for congress. they have to get a deal done. they really only have the next week and half before they go on recess. as far as where the talks are right now? they are nowhere. >> we will be back in a couple of minutes.
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watching wall street the dow
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finished with a modest gain of 15 points. dow futures are up 35 ahead of the opening bell. we're getting optimism about the federal reserve. whether will do something to stimulate the economy they weren't have a two day policy meeting. a lot of controversy when the u.s. company bailed out aig. they sell the remaining sales for over 7 billion. the u.s. government at one time on a 92% stake in aig. many thought the u.s. government would lose a lot of money on this deal. the u.s. government makes 22.7 billion and aig is now out of government hands. rumors percolating bad investors are buying up shares of hewlett-packard. their shares were up 2 1/2% yesterday and up 3 1/4% in
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trading. they continued to slide down the $529.22. >> port of oakland maritime director james klein steps down as a newly released audit shows nearly two under thousand dollars in questionable expenses from missouri's meals to a tiffany silver key ring to a u2 concert. in internal audit of 2011 expenses were already under way in october when news broke about the ports executive director, all our big demand and kwan spent nearly $4,500 at the he is a strip club. the men that are ready step down from his position. >> american schoolchildren can lead to continue to lag behind stevens and asian countries in math and science exams given globally singapore south korea and japan outperformed u.s. fourth and eighth grade students of the 2011 trends in international mathematics and science study. despite that u.s.
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students still rank among the top performers of 60 countries that administer the exam. >> we will take a break it is 612 right now and we will be back with more headlines and a moment. a live look of the golden gate bridge as we go. traffic is beginning to build, the weather nice and mild. it is cold, really cold in some spots like 30 degrees. a pulitzer forecast coming up.
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a couple of developing stories happening live right now live look at a florida courtroom right now the case with george it said zimmerman. he is in court right now charge of the shooting killing of 17 year- old trade on martin. in the hearing today they're asking the judge to and there are men's 24-hour dps monitoring. the neighborhood watch volunteer has been out on bond and a judge today is expected to year at least eight emotions in his case. zimmerman claims he shot the teen and self-defense as that to go on trial in june. today he will find out whether not he has to continue to wear the ankle bracelet. also a live look from the steps of the legislature and michigan right now. the national
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labor unions are rally in still worked to the right to work boat. it is aimed at organized labor. if it is passed and signed into law which looks like it's when that happened michigan will become the 24th right to work state bed requirements than non-union employees play unions for negotiate contracts and other services. california is not one of those ride to work states right now. this is also happening with wisconsin. we will keep watching the process. >> we have erica looking at the forecast for today >> we have several locations in the upper 30's today. temperatures could continue to decline as we heading closer to sunrise. let us live locally dense fog with visibility at 04 and about all. drive with extra caution. we have made improvements for napa to 7
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mi. now. 9 mi. in santa rosa. just half a mile visibility in fairfield and clear conditions for the rest of the bay area. satellite and radar shows a lot of cloud cover and it will continue to stream into the bay. this is an advance of a cold front dropping down from alaska. this will not be a big rainmaker and definitely will not be the storms we saw last week. 9:00 p.m. tonight maybe some light rain around santa rosa. at 11:00 alegre nine years rain pushes its way closer to san francisco. rain is relatively light and nature and may be heavier as we pushed closer to midnight and. a lot of cool air is wise to infiltrate the bay area when the main band passes. the a lot of moisture, we're talking maybe a quarter as for most of the bay area. we will see snow in the sierra however a
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winter weather advisory goes into effect at 10:00 p.m. tonight. afternoon highs neighborhood by neighborhood cooler conditions but compared to yesterday was some spots climbing only into the upper 50s. 59 mom use 61 for sunnyvale and fremont in the east bay increasing cloud cover and low 60s for concord in danville 63 for pleasanton. and those local down in the north bay you'll see upper 50s at best. the g7 for about a 59% to rose up daly city is at 56 degrees 61 expected in oakland and your seven there on the bay forecast shows we will continue with showers as we head into friday. a system dropping in saturday night and sunday. more rain is expected as the issue with that system with a stronger cold front. put big changes to conditions in your extended forecast. 6:19 a.m. and time for a traffic with
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robin >> no major hot spots or major problems. we have the crash working in daly city's of you plan on traveling along skyline boulevard give yourself extra time. southbound skyline boulevard at john daly is where a vehicle went off the road and down the embankment. hist they have the right lane closed to retrieve that vehicle. trafficking go on without major delays. if you plan on using skyline boulevard or john daly you will see the activity out there so give yourself extra time. keep in mind they have the right lane closed abutted the exit should be at delays shortly. heavy traffic has emerged from the westbound 280 and they're all,. as emerge from to 05 it picks up a little bit but you are still moving less than 50 mi. an hour. traffic in san francisco has a lot
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of slowing. is not a major back up, it does not stretch into the oakland a's. it is backing into the 880 over cross with more cars headed into san francisco. your ride on 92 more cars had it westbound with traffic coming up right hand side of your screen. drive time is 15 minutes as you work your way from hayward to foster city. also the 1 01 commute is looking good traffic is night's light and smoke as you work your way across the golden gate. >> a roswell's photographer and a former volleyball coach is arrested on suspicion he secretly videotaped a girl as she was getting ready for a photo shoot. police a 30 year-old ronald roy h. buchanan was arrested on suspicion of possessing obscene matter involving a person under the age of 18. the investigation started in november when its age girl and her parents
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contacted police about and read comments and unsuspected secret videotaping during the tigris and photography session. the cameras also the girls volleyball coach. police say began in use to sell fall to record the girl staging its look like it was charging in the bathroom. now line the man charged in the murder and kidnapping of a morgan hill teenager mark morgan sierra lamar will face new charges for other crimes. a 21 year-old and sullen garcia thorez now faces charges in the attack on three women in 2009. all three cases have been a morgan hill safeway parking lot. prosecutors say one of the attacks in 18 year-old woman was sitting in a car when a man tried to open the door. she read a pocket knife to defend herself to the man grabbed her hand and pull the blades are neck. he took off when she started
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screaming. thorez as though awaiting trial following his arrest in may in connection with the mars disappearance. >> the number of hate crimes reported in oakland and sampras's go dropped in 2011 from the previous year. that however this was not the case of san jose was on increase. according to the fbi's san jose reported 32 hate crimes in 2011 up from 24 the year before. oakland size numbers are from 15 in 2010 to just nine last year. sampras is the one from 63 down the 46. the fbi says nations the number is nationwide down. authorities say the new application is user-friendly and allows the public away to report serious crimes without going
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to the police station are calling officer to the same. >> it is 6:43 a.m. and we will be back in just a couple of minutes.
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taking a look outside this morning this is what downtown 7 cisco looks like from our roof this morning. it is not that bad but things could change later on tonight. tomorrow we have some rain on the re and we will check with erica to get a better look at that in
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just a little bit. >> residents and parts of the south are cleaning up from their severe weather that they had. this is video we added overnight to kron4 and the wake of the storms and more storms that may hit the area and florida. soaking rains and heavy winds from louisiana over to florida. there were reports of tornadoes touched down in some areas. and sort of tree limbs fell to the ground and some trees were uprooted by strong wind. >> all lanes are blocked by a rescue crew that are working to save occupants of a vehicle that drove over a cliff on skyline boulevard in daly city early this morning. the collision on its high and state highway 35 or skyline boulevard was reported near olympic way just south of san francisco for 20 2:00 a.m.. you can see on global earth and rescue workers are going
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down the side of the cliff trying to wrest go rescue the passengers and the vehicle. this happe plans are blocked as the car went off the side of the road. watching wall street with a coca-cola co. bringing the opening bell on this tuesday morning. we'll have more on the market's coming up with rob black at 645. you won't take my life.
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you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪
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in the opening bell on wall street the dow was up 15 points. it is up 22 right now as the federal reserve begins a two day policy meeting. as expected the fed will continue its $45 billion a month on buying program. we'll be watching the markets and seeing if
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the fiscal cliff tops have any affect on wall street. >> right now is 630 and we want to take a look at the weather is chilly right now >> that's right temperatures are in the upper 30's. they will continue to drop as we approach a sunrise. we will see an increase in cloud cover and temperature rarely top out into the fifties 60s. rain is on the way, a cold front is dropping down from the gulf of alaska. expect some later light rain with the heaviest of falling overnight while most of us will be sleeping. the rain continues to mount morning -- tomorrow i was full forecast in my next report. >> we do not have any problems, or stalls and just regular low commute traffic through the bay area. the
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cash lanes and fasttrack lanes are backed up once the 880 over crossing will be on the end of the parking lot there. turn the metering lights on you also see slow traffic as you work your way up the incline. as you head towards the treasure island, you are ok. a slow approach as you did they pay gates there. a full traffic check coming up in just a bit. >> file a developing story at the east bay were hayward firefighters are on the scene with the fire in the apartment near dixon street. jackie sissel has been keeping an eye on the story as this develop throughout the morning. the investigation is still ongoing? >> the fire fighters have left but the investigators remain on scene. you did see be partially burned out apartment unit that was destroyed this early morning fire. according to the hail of fire department there around 4:00 a.m. they
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received a call about a fire in a multi unit apartment complex of the 29,000 block of dickson street. when they got here that is what they found. one unit one and two units went upstairs one downstairs completely engulfed in flames. when they got there they were told to be born inside a caught my mother and son who were able to sell to evacuate. they did not sustain any injuries which is good news. we're also told the they were able to put up the flames relatively quickly but some smoke and water damage was done to a nearby unit. for those people in that unit were also evacuated. all six people evacuate it would no injuries. they're calling this fire suspicious in nature. this is why they call out the investigating unit. the investigators are going to the unit as we speak to determine what caused this fire. everyone
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was able to evacuate. anytime yellow fire for the morning it could be a potentially dangerous situation. everyone here got out without any injuries. >> you said they got out pretty quickly with you can see the damage there. it did not take long for the fire ripped through there. >> yes. you concede this is the downstairs and at and you could see the upstairs unit also sustains us as much damage. the bid is is you can see how big this complex is. this is about 45 units and they were able to stop it from spreading to the other units. there was some minor smoke and water damage but other than that they were able to contain it to just as one unit. >> concert cost the cowboys to rises are scheduled to vote today a plan that would close for county fire station. one martinas, waltz in walnut creek, lafayette and clayton's stations will close next month. the list of possible closers comes
6:35 am
after voters rejected measure " que. a temporary parcel tax would have kept the stations open but it went down in defeat. the borders of divisors it now has a hard task of figuring out what they're going to do. they're scheduled to meet today at 2:00. will tran will have a live report coming up press and the next hour. >> firefighters battled the fire at a commercial building in east oakland on international boulevard. the fire broke out as 61 international boulevard. the flames were shooting out of the building in the fire was under control about 50 minutes. no one was hurt and they say the fire investigators say the fire was started by squatters in a vacant building. >> no watching wall street rise of 62 points is because of the fed. wall street, and the fed will continue moving
6:36 am
forward programs to stimulate the economy. the fed is likely to continue to purchase 45 billion a month and long terms of treasurys. the goal would be to further reduce long-term interest rates encourage borrowing by companies and individuals perhaps softening the impact if there's no agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff. this is on top of 40 billion a month in mortgage-backed securities the treasury's by the help keep mortgage rates low. the fed's balance sheet has already topped three trillion dollars at expected the top four to a levy of next year. hello we'll take a quick break and back with more headlights and headlines and a minute. the man accused of shooting and killing 17 year-old trade on margin is asking the judge to remove his ankle monitoring bracelet. his
6:37 am
attorneys are asking for that to be remove what he is out on bail awaiting trial. we'll be back with more in a minute.
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>> we're watching what is happening in florida with nasa supersecret space plane will take off the 10:00 our time. is the x 37 be going on its third mission. it is estimated third mission and here is ready of the plane returning to earth earlier this year. the first two missions that the spacecraft orbiting the planet for months at a time. it's true purpose is classified. some think could be testing technology which could someday replace the space shuttle which was retired last year. >> the australian these days
6:41 am
behind a prank call the kate milton's hospital are distraught and very emotional. they're reacting to the news of a nurse who died after falling victim to their homes. legal experts say the australian radio station in behind a prank to the london hospital where the pregnant that's as of cambridge was being treated could face crawl charges for airing the conversation. last week's price was widely can step in them days after it aired and after the still unexplained death of a nurse to answer the phone and held two deejays the confidential and for a nation about eight middleton's health. when it comes to a potential criminal case the question is not about the death. it's whether a private conversation was broadcast without the permission of the participant. we posted on the kron4 pays facebook page asking you should the australian deejays face criminal charges?
6:42 am
dixie cromwell says yes they should be charged with her death. across the line. the deejays did not give permission for the prank. this are said to children who are now left without their mother, very sad. the dj should be very ashamed. lewis writes as an hour and i say an autopsy is more conclusive than phone calls speculation. it looked when the rights of how the you know the was a prank that made this lady killed herself? maybe she had problems before all of this. >> join the conversation of facebook .com/kron4. we'll be right back with traffic and weather.
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time is 6:44 a.m. and contra
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costa county supervisors are expected to vote today on a plan that could close four fire stations throughout the county. one and walnut creek 1 lafayette martinez and clayton. they could close next month and the list comes after voters rejected measure q last november. as a temple temporary parcel tax that would get the stations open. no line fire crews battled a one alarm fire at a commercial building in east oakland this morning. it was reported around 130 this morning in the 6100 block of international boulevard. the oakland fire purpose as the fire was started by squatters in the vacant building. and sampras is the we have rain on the way we have a quick check of that. >> we're saying rise on wall street industrial average. at the federal reserve meeting today for a two day policy meeting. we're talking about the fed here and all of the programs.
6:47 am
they will continue to buy 45 billion a month and long- term treasury. their printing a lot of money over at the fed. >> they are. what they're doing is adding thereto day meeting today in washington d.c. to get some ideas about what they will say tomorrow and down the road about the economy and jobs. inflation on the east and west coasts. they have to come together and they did quantitative besom and infinity. that is the only answer i could come up with. they continue to support our economy by printing money in buying our own dad. it keeps the money lower for your mortgages. >> the feds have about three trillion and are expected to
6:48 am
have over four trillion next year. are the fed's printing 34 trillion dollars and holding on to that money? what does that mean? >> simi it means it is a lower cost of money -- to me. maybe the to refinance your home or start a small business. as we consume products it creates a situation where the cost of money creates inflation. the cost of a soda goes up because the value of the dollar goes down. inflation is our worry right now. >> aig, the government bailed them out and 80 and 92 percent of the shares of aig. the government sold all the shares and made a lot of money off of this. everyone
6:49 am
thought we were gonna lose our shirts on this one. >> he have the companies that in trouble for basically packaging them together and selling them to the public cannot explain to people about the risk exposure. it came very close to failing and the government stepped and by believe them out. we may $22.7 billion. on occasion it makes for the government's sale of companies would stipulations. we put stipulations on aig and i think that was smart. i wish i had invested at them once upon a time. >> of will to check back with rabid 915 with winners and losers on wall street. >> 649 and the weather is chilly >> that is right a lot of locations are in the upper
6:50 am
30's and a lot of lower temperatures and dense fog. focusing on the positive we take a live look gorgeous conditions from our mt. tam cam this morning. temperatures range from the upper 30's and the north bay valleys. mid-40s out the door in san jose and oakland, downtown severance as those on the mild side was 50 degrees. satellite and radar highlights some big changes. first you will see an increasing cloud cover for out today. the coal from the drawdown from the gulf of alaska but not produce much moisture. some light rain is possible north of the goalie gate bridge as we head into the 98 and 9:00 p.m. tonight. tomorrow i do not think we will see too much rain, just a scattered tough love showers. somewhat roadways however and you may
6:51 am
need to use their windshield wipers. it is raining in the bay area and we will see snow showers this year. a winter weather we advisory goes into effect around 10:00 tonight. you could see four to 8 in. of fresh new snow at 4,500 ft.. also bring a change for interstate 880. after the highs upper 50s low 60s in cooler conditions compared the us today. 62 for fairfield 61 for fremont and your 7 day around the bay forecast shows the potential for more rain on the way. we transition into the weekend and a lot of cool area is associated with this system. this will continue on saturday and sunday. temperatures are just a few degrees warmer as we start the next work week. >> we still have a lot of slow traffic to get the san francisco. drive times have doubled. your stretching into the oakland a's and give yourself extra time again this morning. a look
6:52 am
at traffic, is barely moving. it'll be slowly moving up the incline headed towards treasure island. they are slightly rather slowly, there is a new exit in the oakland a's. if you are thinking about avoiding being set mateo bridge is not bad but definitely crowded. a heavy volume of traffic now. drive time is up by fuel as the european about 60 minutes from hayward to foster city. dry across the golden gate is just fine, and has been fined throughout the morning. a quick look at the traffic map, we have an accident wrapping up in daly city and the southbound skyline boulevard and john daly just one lane closed. you can get through but it is just a fire late ryan let right lane. give yourself
6:53 am
extra time if you're planning on traveling that way this morning. >> california will expect experienced the highest tides of the year this week. thursday morning is when it will peak. this condition is called king ties where the gravitational tug of the month and so on are not climate change is essential for the extreme tides. king tides occur several times a year but this week's of the longest our biggest of 2012. me rouses say this week's ties will not cause flooding because it is happening during relatively calm weather. >> after the kron4 news at 10:00 today is dr. phil. he'll be talking about a mama's boy who needs to get a job. we will be right back.
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>> online travel adviser hot wire .com has compiled a list of the tent most festive destinations for this holiday season. topics as the san juan pr for its six week long celebration of christmas. they start from adaptor thanksgiving until the fees of three kings on january 6th. new york also makes a cut thanks to the attraction of the rockefeller center christmas tree as radio city center christmas spectacular. brown and the top three is bundy beach in australia where a summer kicks off on december 1st for all the surfers and sunbathers out there. >> of the just and that
6:58 am
bieber is coming back to the bay area. he'd just performed a sold-out show the oracle read an oakland and early got sober. he will perform june 26th at age people billion in san jose. tickets go on sale friday. and on time sale and to get prices are not available at this time. beaver is supporting his third studio album believe would stop the charge of around the globe after being released in june. >> we're watching several developing stories of. at fire stations closing in the east bay. stocks continued rises morning with more help expected from the federal reserve. no deal appears to be in sight in washington on the fiscal cliff. what's and a logo? a new
6:59 am
logo that is sparking outrage. we will be back with a bit more in just a couple of minutes. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect.